Weekly review calendar week 36

What has been happening around Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies this week? The most relevant local and international developments as well as appealing background reports in a pointed and compact way in retrospect in our weekly review.

We start with a groundbreaking step for the crypto-adaptation in Zug: As more and more companies accept digital currencies, the Canton of Zug, as a state institution, will follow suit and allow Bitcoin and Ethereum for tax payments. This is not the only decision an institution has made this week.

Another progressive decision was made by the health insurance company Atupri this week. From now on, the company will allow customers to pay their bills with Bitcoin and Ether. The health and accident insurance takes thereby a role of the pioneer concerning payment possibilities.

In a new CVJ.CH article series, we take a closer look at aspiring blockchain startups in the Crypto Valley. This edition: Relai. Julian Liniger, Relai’s CEO and co-founder, tells the emotional and nerve-wracking story of how a startup launched a Swiss Bitcoin App to give everyone access to the mother of all crypto currencies.

The implementation of money laundering regulations, namely the “Travel Rule”, poses challenges for financial intermediaries in dealing with virtual assets. A start-up from Crypto Valley enables the first automated and FINMA-compliant Bitcoin transaction between two financial intermediaries in Switzerland.

Furthermore: The detailed sector analysis for the month of August shows interesting developments. For instance, the ongoing DeFi hype led to differentiated movements in specific sectors.

Selected articles in the weekly review:

An important step for the adaptation of crypto-currencies as means of payment: As more and more companies accept digital currencies, the canton of Zug, as a state institution, is following suit and allowing Bitcoin and Ethereum for taxpayers.

Canton of Zug accepts crypto currencies for tax payment as of 2021

Atupri is the first insurer in Switzerland to offer crypto payments. Invoices can be settled immediately with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Atupri is the first Swiss insurance company to accept crypto-currencies

Hundreds of blockchain companies cavort in and around Crypto Valley, including many startups. What projects are these companies pursuing? We give companies from the Valley a face. We are starting with Relai.

Startups from the Crypto Valley: Relai

A start-up from Crypto Valley has now enabled the first automated and FINMA compliant Bitcoin transaction between two financial intermediaries in Switzerland.

First automated, regulatory compliant Bitcoin transaction between CH financial intermediaries

The current correction in the crypto markets is not surprising after the price increases of the past weeks. However, a closer look at August already reveals differentiated movements.

Monthly sector analysis August 2020

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