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What has been happening around Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies this week? The most relevant local and international developments as well as appealing background reports in a pointed and compact way in retrospect.

Let’s start with basics: What are cryptocurrencies and for what purpose are they used? To refresh your basic knowledge, we have prepared a summary of the webinar “Back to Basics” .

In the United States, national regulation of digital currencies is on the move. National banks can now legitimately offer crypto-custody to customers. The letter from the authority sets a legal milestone in the states, and suddenly brings the banking world very close to the previously feared cryptocurrencies.

The Austrian telecommunications provider A1 Telekom Austria intends to offer its customers the possibility of settling payments with crypto-currencies. An important development that contributes to the acceptance of digital values as a means of payment.

The online gaming industry focuses on the use of blockchain technology. Together with crypto currency payment specialist Cryptopay, ESPN Global wants to launch a block-chain-based gaming platform which also includes Bitcoin payments.

Furthermore: ETPs on cryptocurrencies are in vogue in Switzerland. The first actively managed crypto-currency ETP was launched on the SIX Swiss Exchange. A consistent addition to the existing crypto-ETPs with passive strategies. As a result, 31 ETPs are available on SIX – further strengthening the position as the world’s leading marketplace for regulated crypto products.

What are crypto-currencies, what are they for and what are the differences between Blockchain and Bitcoin? These and other fundamental questions were explored in last week’s webinar. Basic knowledge refreshed.

Back to Basics Webinar Summary

In the USA, there is movement in national regulation of the use of digital currencies.

US banks obtain permission to hold crypto-currencies

Austria’s leading telecommunications company “A1 Telekom Austria” cooperates with “Salamantex” to enable crypto payments for its customers.

A1 Telekom Austria offers crypto payments for more than 2,500 shops

The gaming sector is one of the most receptive industries to new technologies. It is therefore not unexpected that blockchain technology is increasingly used in this sector. Bitcoin payments will also be integrated.

ESPN Global plans Blockchain Online-Gaming Platform

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) on crypto-currencies are experiencing a steady rise on the SIX. With 31 ETPs from five providers, it is the world’s leading marketplace for regulated crypto products.

Bitcoin Capital Launches Very First Actively Managed Cryptocurrency ETP at SIX

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