Daily market commentary from 23.10.2020

An overview of what is happening in the crypto markets, summarised daily by Crypto Finance AG Senior Trader Patrick Heusser in the market commentary.

Market commentary

Good Morning!

Since the DeFi hype is currently “on hold”, I got the chance to browse through the different projects that emerged over the past few weeks. One that became interesting to me a few days ago is worth taking a closer look at (disclosure: I am invested in the protocol).

BarnBridge.com – BOND

In my vision of the future of DeFi over the next five years, I mentioned a few times that due to the permissionless concept everyone can invest in everything. This also means that the power held by big banks and financial intermediaries vanishes and shifts responsibility back to the investor: i.e “Do your own due diligence”.

BarnBridge offers the possibility of investing in a DeFi protocol that works like a CDO (collateralised debt obligation). Its history in a nutshell: CDOs were one of the products that triggered the GFC (great financial crisis) of 2008. Only professional investors were allowed/able to invest in those products (and most of them did not understand what they were investing in).

Now, this is coming to the DeFi space, and everybody who has a MetaMask wallet and a few stablecoins on it can invest in it (not yet, but soon: launch expected on October 26, 2020). To me, this is crazy, but at the same time also fascinating.

In short, this is how it works (I have taken most of the info from their webpage: www.barnbridge.com).

The two products

Currently, they have two products:

  • Smart Yield Pool
  • Smart Alpha Pool


The Smart Yield product is the one that is very close to a CDO. The protocol takes the pooled funds from different investors and exchanges them into various assets and different lending protocols (see image below). As per their risk definition, those transactions get bundled (different colours), which then makes them tradable as an individual tranche. They mention that those tranches are like CLOs (collateralised loan obligations). Below you can see how the tradable CLO tranches could look like.

Market commentary

Market commentary

With the Smart Alpha product, you do not invest in yield (interest rates), but in tokens (e.g. ETH, SNX, CRV, etc.). This means that you are exposed to market price risk and you can choose (by selecting the respective tranche) how much you are willing to take (of that market price risk).

I’m happy to discuss your comments, remarks, and questions.

Enjoy the weekend!


About the author

Patrick Heusser is Head of Trading at Crypto Broker AG. Prior to joining the company, Patrick worked as an Interest Rate Trader at UBS and held various positions in the IRCC (interest rate, commodity and foreign exchange trading) in London, New York, Singapore and Zurich. Patrick is an expert in trading and risk management. He also gained experience in other areas, such as building start-up companies. Patrick has a degree in banking from a business school. He has also taken various courses in technical chart analysis.