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What has been happening around Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies this week? The most relevant local and international developments as well as appealing background reports in a pointed and compact way in retrospect.

This week we reported on the new trading app of a Swiss start-up. The app is designed to be as simple and secure as possible so that everyone can trade digital assets.

The history of money goes way back. The detachment from the gold standard and the subsequent transformation to the current FIAT system has fundamentally changed the structure of our monetary system. In times of exuberant money printing, limited assets are in demand.

At the Swiss Derivative Awards, the most innovative products from various categories are nominated. One of the awards was given for a reverse convertible on Bitcoin.

In addition, an Israeli start-up wants to soften the irrevocability of the block chain. With an intermediate step, incorrectly addressed transactions can be recalled by the sender.

Which sectors and coins stood out last month? A comprehensive analysis is included in the monthly rotation report.

A new trading app from a Swiss start-up is designed to make trading in digital assets possible for everyone through maximum simplicity and security.

Honesto is developing a trading app for everyone

In order to understand the value of Gold and other assets limited in supply such as Bitcoin, it is important to be familiar with the history of money. From the gold standard to FIAT currency, a synopsis of the evolution of money.

From the gold standard to the Fiat System: About the monopoly of money creation

It sounds like a paradox at first glance: While the Fed is creating masses of dollars out of nothing, a global dollar shortage is looming. Will “crypto dollarization” lead to an upgrade of the Eurodollar system?

Stablecoins – Upgrade for the Eurodollar system

It may well mark the beginning of a new era. Exchange-traded structured products on crypto-currencies. The first Reverse Convertible on Bitcoin has now been honored as the most innovative product in its category.

Reverse convertible on Bitcoin wins Swiss Derivative Award

Especially the coins with a lower market capitalization have recently performed significantly better. Due to some DeFi-Coins, the Mid-index has performed a substantial rallye.

Monthly Rotationreport

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