Crypto Valley

With the foundation of the first crypto company in Zug in 2013, the foundation stone was laid for a development that probably nobody would have expected. Only five years later, Switzerland is celebrated worldwide as a crypto nation.

Around 3,300 employees and more than 600 companies enriched Switzerland’s blockchain ecosystem at the end of 2018. The country is one of the absolute pioneers of disruptive technology and even lets established banks get involved. The ICO guidelines of Finma, the first banking licenses, led to an impressive development. In the end, even the Libra Association was attracted and co-working spaces developed magnificently. This is not least due to the flexible attitude of the government.

The first experiences with Bitcoin Suisse, for example, were made as early as 2013. The regulator, which provides the necessary legal certainty for an industry, has been active since 2015. From an international perspective, this is very early for the block-chain sector. FINMA first published ICO guidelines, then issued banking licences, and in the end the Libra Association was also attracted. As a result, worldwide attention was already generated from the very beginning. Co-Working Spaces in Zurich and Zug developed and the University of Basel, and later also the ETH were able to attract programmers with their offers, which were important for the further development of the blockchain technology.

Right in the heart of this “blockchain country” are the locations Zug and Zurich, which represent the heart of the Crypto-Valley. There the CVJ team bundles and filters the most interesting articles and news and passes them on to the readers in informative articles, unfiltered and true to the motto “At the pulse of the movement”.